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Scottish HarpScottish Harp   (12" X 11")    $75 
Magnificent golden marbled "oak" harp, copper wire strings with three lovely shades of emerald, jade and kelly green in this majestic tangerine ringed-neck male mallard

Celtic AngelCeltic Angel   (20" X 8")    $115  
Rich emerald marbled wings with lovely touches of jade and hunter green. Two complimentary shades of textured violet make up her robe and she is wielding a copper spear tipped with a stunning peridot crystal

Amber Celtic CrossAmber Celtic Cross    (15-1/2" X 9")    $115
Luscious gold and emerald opaque Celtic cross with amber antique glass and imported multi-faceted jewels

Emerald and Amethyst Celtic Knot   (8-1/2" X 8-1/2")      $75
Rich emerald and amethyst imported antique Celtic knot framed in gorgeous marbled opaque glass

Water Glass Celtic KnotWater Glass Celtic Knot   (8-1/2" X 9")      $75
Beautiful turquoise and amethyst water glass Celtic knot with gorgeous hunter green gently circling

Shamrock Celtic CrossIrish Shamrock Cross   (13-1/2" X 10")      $69
Lovely marbled rose Celtic cross with water glass amethyst points, hunter green shamrock and sparkly purple jewel

Gold and Ruby Celtic KnotGold and Ruby Celtic Knot   (15" X 8")      $69
Rich and vibrant gold and ruby textured glass waving, circling and weaving in an intricate Celtic knot

Celtic Snowflake Celtic Snowflake  (7" X 7")      $55
Delicate snowflake created with shimmering, wavy water glass of Celtic green and cobalt blue with German multi-faceted jewel

Amethyst Celtic KnotAmethyst Celtic Knot    (12" X 12")    $59  
Holy Trinity knot in three shades of gorgeous imported amethyst glass with the circle of eternity in a beautiful textured violet

Red and Purple Celtic KnotRed and Purple Celtic Knot   (7-1/2" X 13")      $95
Radiant textured ruby red glass circling two imported delicate and rich antique purple Celtic knots

Holy Trinity Knot CrossHoly Trinity Knot Cross   (10" X 8")      $75
Wispy marbled emerald cross and rich cobalt blue Celtic trinity knot with fine antique sky-blue background

Marbled Scottish KnotMarbled Scottish Knot   (9.5" X 9.5")      $69
Gorgeous caramel imported marble knots with interesting shades of gold, rust, orange and amber woven inside

Ribboned Scottish CrossRibboned Scottish Cross    (14" X 10.5")    $69  
Lovely ribbon of light and dark cobalt water glass with the circle of eternal life in wispy cornflower blue

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