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Jonothan Livingston SeagullJonathan Livingston Seagull   (13" x 14")      $125
Rich wispy ivory wings, imported firery orange antique beak and turquoise textured ring with Pacific Northwest driftwood accent

Jewish Star of DavidJewish Star of David   (10.5" x 10.5")      $69
Delicate violet marble and amethyst water glass intertwined in this spectacular holy Jewish symbol

Emerald CrossEmerald Cross   (13" x 10")      $69
Lovely emerald marbled cross with hunter green antique and turquoise accents and a large imported multi-faceted German jewel in the center

Art Nouveau Art Nouveau   (16" X 9.5")      $125
Elegant art nouveau in two shades of rich violet textured glass complimented with striking emerald leaves

Gothic Purple 
Cross Gothic Purple Cross   (17" X 10")      $75
Deep purple opaque gothic cross with three shades of beautifully textured glass and amethyst jewel in center

Fantasy SnowflakeFantasy Snowflake   (8-1/2" x 9-1/2")      $69 (without jewels $59)
Sparkling mauve and ruby imported water glass snowflake with six points of matching German jewels

Emerald Victorian FanEmerald Victorian Fan   (8" X 11")      $65
Stunning jade marbled fan with a lovely pale shade of green and three sparkling hunter green imported jewels

Camelot Jeweled Cross Camelot Jeweled Cross  (11-1/2" X 8")      $75
Romantic mediaevil purple opaque cross with two complimentary shades of antique and multi-faceted jewels

Warrior AngelWarrior Angel   (17" X 10")      $125
Spectacular wings of wispy mauve, dress and cape are shades of antique violet and sword is tipped with a lovely authentic amethyst crystal

Art DecoArt Deco   (14" X 10")      $125
Captivating art deco panel of turquoise, ruby & purple with an antique amethyst background & imported ruby jewel

Abalone ButterflyAbalone Butterfly   (9.5" X 10.5")      $75
Lovely South American butterfly of rich cobalt blue, two shades of imported emerald and authentic abalone shells

Scottish Rose of SharonScottish Rose of Sharon    (17" X 12")      $95
Gorgeous golden imported opaque cross, stunning long-stemed ruby red rose with deep emerald green stem and leaves

Asian MothAsian Moth   (22" X 8")      $195
Exquisite & regal moth from the Orient in multi-shades of amethyst with touches of lovely imported glass

British CrossBritish Cross   (12" X 9")      $75
Vibrant ruby and cobalt cross with just the right touch of sky-blue antique and imported cobalt jewel in center

Violet Easter CrossViolet Easter Cross   (12" x 8")      $59
Elegant European violet cross, two shades of lovely purple with lime stem and antique emerald leaves

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